This Old House | Three of Everything (S42 E22) | FULL EPISODE

This Old House | Three of Everything (S42 E22) | FULL EPISODE

Different Styles of Self Build Conservatories

A conservatory can add a great addition to your home’s appearance, both inside and out when designed to blend with the style of your existing house. There is a vast range of dimensions that can be used to form the perfect room that fits like a glove.

The Design Improvements of Self Build Conservatories

Home owners and business owners that wanted to protect their small trees from the damage of frost and inclement weather once used conservatories. As these glass houses became more popular, they were used for entertaining and keeping plants blooming but were only affordable to the most prestigious. However, as attractive these buildings were, there was still the problem of heat loss in the winter and the blazing sun beating down in the summer.

How To Build Your Perfect Climbing Frame For Your Kids

To be able to create climbing frames for youngsters that exactly meets their requirements is frustrating many parents. Being able to alter and develop the configuration of a Playcenter as the number, size and age of the young children playing with it changes, is something many parents now need. Particularly if the other option is to update the wooden climbing frame with an completely new one.

Wooden Handrails for Your Home!

Tackling wooden handrails and other parts of a staircase can be one of the more complicated projects for finish carpentry. It involves exact measurements and some knowledge of staircase parts.

How to Build a Large Storage Shed

Building a large storage shed is the same as building a small storage shed except it takes more materials and a heck of a lot more labor. People joke that they never have enough space to put their “stuff”. Here’s a hard fact. The more room you have, the more stuff you gather. If you decide a larger storage building is needed the first thing to do is visit your local building department and inquire as to whether a permit is necessary for that size building. A small shed perhaps eight feet by ten feet may need no permit but a larger one at twenty feet by twenty five feet may. Ask other questions while your there. Where can the building be located on the property? Many municipalities prohibit any kind of building in the front yard at all. How far from property lines must it be? How tall can it be? Find out these answers now, not after you are finished building it.

DIY Shed Plans – Start Building Awesome Sheds in the Most Economical Way

Have you experienced in your life the feeling of contentment after you’ve been able to finally clean your garage? And then transferred those unwanted loads to the shed you built yourself using DIY plans you found online. If you’ve gone through these experiences then congratulations for the job well done. Like myself, you’ve accomplished what you’ve dreamed for in the most economical way.

Impact Wrench – 3 Things You Need To Know Before Buying One

Buying an air impact wrench is an important addition to any do-it-yourselfer’s home toolkit, but there are also a couple things that you need to remember before you go out and buy one. These are the size of your air compressor, what size drive you need, and not under-estimating how much power you’ll need.

Cordless Impact Wrench – Top 3 Mid Range Wrenches

Looking for a great cordless impact wrench? Here I will be going over 3 great choices. The Hitachi WR18DL, the DeWALT DW059K-2 and the Milwaukee 2662-22. I’m not sure what your budget it for buying a new impact wrench, but I do want to caution you that with cordless impact wrenches, you get what you pay for! If you buy a good one from the start, it’ll be with you for a long time, where a cheap one will very quickly be in the trash!

Best Wood Chisel Size For You

Get the best wood chisels for your job. Choose the right size for the job.

Battery Impact Wrench – How To Choose The Right One Without Getting Screwed

As technology improves, battery impact wrenches just keep getting better and better. However, there are still a lot of bad ones out there. If you’re in the market for a cordless impact wrench, you’ll want to make sure that you get a powerful enough battery, that it’s got enough torque for the job, and that you remember that you get what you pay for.