Timelapse: Vinyl Siding Installation

Timelapse: Vinyl Siding Installation

London Home Improvements: Two Things Every Homeowner Should Know Before Punching A Hole In The Wall

There are two things every London homeowner should know before they attempt any improvements on their homes themselves. These could protect you legally, financially and, of course, physically.

Time-Saving Crown Molding Installation Tips and Techniques

Considerable time and frustration can be saved when installing crown molding by observing well founded practices. The expert installation techniques described in this article will help you add the beauty of crown molding to your home without the headaches.

Designing and Constructing a Sand-Based Patio

Patio construction and installation can sound like an extremely daunting task, but in reality it is well within reach to an average homeowner. Certain methods of construction, like the sand-based method we will be profiling today, are quite forgiving to the inexperienced craftsman. Since the bricks will not be laid in with mortar, fixing mistakes made along the way is a lot easier. Let take a look at project step-by-step

Tips For Shopping At A Hardware Store

With all the selection at home centers and hardware stores, how do you know you will get the right part or paint or whatever when you shop there? Read on, and find out how to get what you need the first time when you shop at these types of stores as well as a few other tips for you to ponder.

Aquaponics Design

Aquaponics has been around for hundreds of years. Only recently have aquaponics systems become more prevalent. Currently an aquaponic system is used more in warm climates. I believe that in the future communities will be using them to help provide a self sustaining food source that everyone can share.

Removing Stubborn Furniture Marks From Your Carpet: Quick Guide

We’ve all run into those situations where the layout of our room is ‘forced’ upon us because of those nasty little furniture marks in that carpet. This tutorial deals with those furniture marks and the absolute best way to get them out of your carpet.

Build A Stairway To Your Attic In Ten Steps

Lofts and attics are usually the most under utilised rooms in a house. This is because they are often quite difficult to access. This article, as the name suggests will tell you how to make your own stairway up to your attic. Before embarking on this project, you should seriously consider if your joinery skills are up to it because do-it-yourself projects of this type can be hazardous during the building stage and if not properly constructed.

A Solar Energy Manual To Solve All Power Problems

Until now, there has never been a greater need for homeowners to be self-sufficient in solar energy, even if in a small way. The larger the number of participants, the lesser will be the strain on power companies. The fact of the matter is that in the last 30-40 years, the demand for electricity has far out-stripped the supply. The power infrastructure is creaking and more and more governments around the world are struggling to find a way around it. If the energy situation appears satisfactory in the United States and Western Europe, it is more illusionary than realistic.

Paling Fences Building Tips For The Inexperienced DIY Enthusiast

It is best to mark where you want your paling fence to be built before you dig holes for the posts. You can do the marking by using spray paint, pegs, builder’s line or stretchy string, or laying the wood you’ll use for the fence out on the ground.

How to Store More in a Small Hallway Closet

With housing prices high throughout the Bay Area and space at a premium in the hottest locations, knowing how to manage your small storage areas can make a big difference. Not just aesthetically, but functionally as well. If you’ve got a small hallway closet you plan to use for general storage, follow these tips to make sure it’s working for you.