Understanding Wetlands | Ask This Old House

Understanding Wetlands | Ask This Old House

Mold, Health Effects and Your Home

Molds are found both in outdoor and indoor environments. The issue is when molds are present in large quantities they can cause health concerns such as allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

My First Woodwork Project – Building a Shed

My first woodwork project was a wooden storage shed. I needed to get my lawnmower and other garden tools out of the garage so that I could use it for parking my wife’s car. I had no idea how to build one, but soon after pricing them at the local hardware store, I decided I could build one for a lot less than buying one.

Home Improvement – How to Install a Shower Door for Your Next Bathroom Remodeling Project

One of the best ways to improve an existing bathroom is to install shower doors. Shower curtains are cheap and easy, but they have a number of downsides. They easily become dirty, and require attention lest they develop mold and mildew.

Make Your Own Table With Easy Woodworking Table Plans

Making your own table is not as difficult as it may first seem, but this is definitely one project that requires care and planning and a good set of woodworking table plans. Tables of all sizes are nice but the same amount of planning should go into a small end table as a larger one for the dining room. The basic table is made with a top and legs to support it, there can be a large single leg with supports at the bottom or there can be four legs, one at each corner. If the table is larger, additional supports are added in between the ends of the table.

How to Repair Foundation Leaks

Depending upon what type of material your foundation is built of, perhaps either masonry or concrete, the repairs methods vary. First we will take a look at masonry foundations. Masonry foundation walls are generally either 10 inch or twelve inch concrete masonry units (CMU). In olden days the term “cinder block” came about from the use of cinders as the base material. Today this is seldom available. CMU are composed of cement, sand and other binders and are much stronger and able to withstand much higher loads. Start by taking a very careful look,,,,,,,,,

How Epoxy Compounds Work

Typically, epoxy is applied to floors to strengthen them and add traction. These attributes are what make epoxy flooring such a mainstay in work areas  two elements, once combined, produce an exceptional result.

3 Crucial Steps You Must Follow When Building A Shed

Focus on completing the correct steps for building your desired shed. Once all these steps are followed then you are that much closer to completing an useful shed.

Benefits Of Using Wooden Chair Plans

Wooden chairs are charming because they offer us comfort and a soft spot where we can stop and sit for a while to recollect our minds. Everybody has a favorite chair and it’s all good if it’s a wooden one. As a woodworker, wouldn’t you have a favorite chair design that you would like to share with others?

Tools You Need To Get The Job Done

An epoxy floor paint is one of the best ways to get a shiny, slip-resistant, durable surface. Besides the epoxy compound itself, there are only a few tools that are required for proper installation.

Pool Solar Heating – 4 Steps To Heat Up Your Pool

Heating up your own pool can produce great energy expenses, however one method to fight this expense is to employ a pool solar heating method. Utilizing a solar heating equipment to warm your own swimming pool allows you to obtain the most from your pool, and also the good thing about it is actually you could do the installation on your own, which means that even the charges of getting a pool solar heating system is diminished.