Understanding Wood Joints | Ask This Old House

Understanding Wood Joints | Ask This Old House

Fastening Do-It-Yourself Aluminum

RIVETS – First choose the proper size drill to make the hole for the rivets. The shank of the drill should match the body of the rivet for a good tight fit. The proper length for the rivet to hold properly and firmly should be approximately one and one half times the thickness of the rivet.

How to Extend a Garage, the DIY Way

Garage conversions can be a daunting process, this article outlines the areas that you need consider when planning your garage conversion. The main considerations when undertaking a garage conversion are discussed.

What Is Damp Proofing?

Damp and damp proofing is by far, the most frequent problem encountered in the home. Although most damp problems are much less serious than they actually look, whatever the cause, damp can be very bad for our health and the health of our property.

Seven Rewards of Solar Energy

DIY Solar Panels offer some nice rewards for anyone willing to invest a little extra time. You save money, save the environment and actually there are five more rewards for people interested in solar panels.

Tips to Make Home Improvements Affordable

If you are like many homeowners, your house is among the most significant investments that you own. In addition to being your largest asset, it is the place where you live, entertain and more. By keeping your home well-maintained and making improvements as needed, you can easily maintain or improve its value while also enjoying increased pride of ownership. However, many home improvement projects can be costly, and you may be looking for a way to make home improvements more affordable. By following a few key tips, you can enjoy the benefits associated with improving your home without paying more than necessary for those improvements.

How to Plan Your Shed Project Like a Professional Shed Builder

Can I Really Build My Own Shed? Absolutely! The answer is YES! By doing the planning and all or part of the work yourself, you can have the shed you might not be able to afford otherwise. By supplying your own labor and buying your materials yourself, construction costs can be cut significantly over a prefab shed.

Ways To Make Carport Designs Yourself

Opting to construct your own carport is a serious task. You would have to construct the most durable one that you can possibly construct for your treasured vehicle. After all, it is one of your most expensive possessions. With that being said, it requires a dependable vehicle storage building that can effectively protect it from various weather conditions.

How to Backwash Sand and D.E. Pool Filters

Regular backwashing is a very important part of keeping your pool clean and maintaining an effective filtration system. For the Hayward Pro-Grid series, it is a simple process and can be completed in just a few steps.

What You Can Do With Heavy Duty Tarps

You will be surprised at just how versatile heavy duty tarps are. This article is about a small smattering of things that you are able to do with your heavy duty tarps.

Purchasing Your Heavy Duty Tarps

As you are probably aware, heavy duty tarps are probably one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the world that is available from a hardware store. This is a handy little guide that you can use in order to determine which type of tarp you are going to need.