Holiday Safety Reminder #shorts

Holiday Safety Reminder #shorts

Buying Fixings – Finding The Right Fixings And Fasteners For The Job

Are you a trades person? Do you regularly use a variety of fixings in your job? Or do you often make do with the same type of fixing even though it is not ideal for your job?

Silver Tarps – Cover With Confidence

When you want to have the best tarp available silver tarps are what you need to buy. These tarps tend to be the best quality and heavy duty. The silver color allows the UV rays from the sun to be reflected and therefore the tarp remains cool to the touch.

Choosing The Right Fasteners And Fixings – Don’t Make Do, Do The Job Right!

So you are about to start a new DIY job at home are you? Or are you a professional building contractor working on a property? Well in either case how many times do you look in your toolbox or tool chests to see what fixings you have that will “Make do”, to do the job in hand?

Should Your Hire a Contractor or a Handyman Service?

Most people are often torn in between choosing whether to hire a contractor for their home repairs or remodelling or going with a handyman service. In some cases, people even try to go it all by themselves. If you have ever tried the latter before, then you know that while it might seem like a great idea at the onset, it soon becomes pretty tasking, time consuming and a lot more difficult than you thought or what you read.

Get the Quickest Edge With Crystolon Whetstones

As used in whetstones, Crystolon, like India, is a synthetic material as opposed to a naturally occurring one. Crystolon is actually made from silicon carbide. It is typically gray in color and is a very fast-cutting abrasive. Crystolon bench stones are usually, but not always, larger than typical whetstones running as long as 11 inches or more and 2 ½ to 3 inches wide.

Copper Weathervanes: Collecting and Installing Weather Vanes

Historically, weathervanes can be tracked all the way back to the days of the ancients. Overtime, the use of weathervanes has ebbed less towards pure utility and, nowadays, leans more towards decorative utility with shape and look being more a factor than its function to show the direction of the wind. Nevertheless, a weathervane…

Bathroom Caulking Key to Preventing Premature Shower, Tub, Tile and Sink Damage

Caulking your bathtub, tile shower or sink may be a hassle. But trust me, it’s much easier and less expensive than spending thousands on mold and water damage repairs.

Should You Do the Home Repairs or Hire a Handyman?

Home repairs are one of the things that many home owners have to consistently pay for. This is because no matter what the case maybe, and regardless of how careful you are, some things will always break down or need repairs. Because these seemingly small costs can soon add up to significant amounts, most homeowners prefer trying to fix the repairs themselves.

DIY Solar Panels – How Do Solar Panels Work?

Are you considering solar panels for your home, but are curious on how they work? This article will give you a quick overview of how solar panels conduct electricity. This will include what solar panels are made of, how they are put together, and why it creates electricity.

The Advantages of Owning a Pergola

More and more people are finding out about Pergolas. They are an attractive and very functional addition to any home or garden area, are generally well made and will look great year after year, giving you a showcase place for your climbing plants so that you can be proud to have everyone see them. The beauty and clean lines that the pergola imparts to your home or garden are just one of the many sides of this unique structure that has seen a surge in popularity lately.