How Mauro Became a Painter | Ask This Old House

How Mauro Became a Painter  | Ask This Old House

The Fireplace Entertainment Center

The fireplace entertainment unit is a unique furniture design that you can build yourself. Follow these step by step instructions or get the gist and create your own plan for something that better fits your style.

That Dripping Faucet

Does the incessant dripping of your faucet keep you up at night? It may not need to be replaced just yet. You may be able to stop the drip and return to a peaceful nights sleep sooner than you think.

DIY Home Upkeep Versus Professional Property Maintenance Services for Homeowners

Professional property maintenance companies provide valuable services that can save homeowners time, energy, and money. Take the time to find out whether a DIY approach or professional property maintenance is right for you.

The Perfect DIY Tools for Men

There are certain items in life that no man feels complete without, for some it is a garden shed, for others it is a car they love and clean obsessively. For many, it is a fully equipped tool box complete with hand tools, power tools and every other eventuality for those necessary DIY jobs. Whether you’re a man who will need to be nagged to get on with jobs around the house, or you’re a DIY enthusiast who’s always looking for something to fix, it is good to know you have the tools for the job. So make sure you’re equipped when your girlfriend needs help putting furniture together, your wife asks you to hang a shelf, or your kids need a bike fixed. Here is a compilation of the perfect DIY tools for men…

Useful Tips Around the House

1. When you house help is absent, it is common to become overwhelmed by household chores. To keep your house in order, do the following: wash the dishes, cook, and clean the toilet, sweep and mop.

Wood Rot Restoration Kits and Origin of Cause

Wood rot is a state of anything wood based which undergoes a discoloration process and produces decay with the wood fibers. The major cause of this is fungi wherein these microscopic entities thrive and feed on the wood and technically consumes it. While many would say that mildew and other similar organisms also are present during the decay, they are not the contributors to the wood’s rotting. The latter is associated with the discoloration instead of the physical damage.

Underwater Epoxy Development Over the Years

Thanks to the properties of its molecular composition and reaction to surfaces, the hydrophobic properties of the material to repel reaction with water molecules has made it possible for this type of product to exist. As part of understanding the development of this wonderfully made and functional material, here are the three main changes made to each generation of epoxies of this kind.

How to Properly Use Underwater Epoxy

You may think of making two things stick together underwater like some sort of magic trick, but it is basically just science working its wonders on the physical world. Thanks to special properties of these bonding components such as putties and underwater epoxy products, we can see how these scientific processes manifest. If you need to do an underwater bonding yourself for the sake of fun or functional purpose, here are some basic guidelines to go about it.

Upgrading Your Kitchen Cabinet With Glass Doors

Any household furniture will get worn and damaged overtime and will need a touch up or upgrade once in a while. For instance, upgrading your kitchen cabinets look by using glass doors can greatly enhance the look not only of the kitchen cabinets themselves but of your entire kitchen as well.

The Importance of A Storage Shed Plan

Many of us are guilty of accumulating items that we purchase over the years, and the result is that we eventually run out of storage space. While a lack of space can be stressful to deal with, one solution to consider is building a storage shed in your backyard.