How to Choose a Finish Nailer | Tool Lab | Ask This Old House

How to Choose a Finish Nailer | Tool Lab | Ask This Old House

Home Remodeling Tips: Redecorating the Bedroom

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Adjusting Your Door

Doors swell and start rubbing on the jamb for various reasons. Foundations settle, wood framing members twist, bow and absorb moisture and walls rack out of plumb sometimes due to earthquakes. But the primary cause is due to the fact that the top or bottom of the door was not sealed during the painting process.

Why Cut Lists and Material Lists Are Important

One of the hardest things you will ever try and do if you don’t have a cut list and material list when attempting a woodworking project is to figure them out! It takes far more time than you can imagine doing all the calculations and determining what tools you will need to get everything completed. That’s why it is always recommended by professionals to spend the extra money and get the plans for your project that have these two components included.

DIY Vs Restoration Services When Dealing With Water Damage

Water damage can result to be quite bothersome for homeowners across the world. It becomes necessary to deal with such a condition to safeguard the home from further damage. Intrusion of water can occur across a certain area of the total property. The nature of the damage varies as well. In some cases the damage is minor and progresses with time. In other cases the damage can be catastrophic and produce instant results. This can contribute to the reduction of the value of the property you own. So doing water damage repairs in the correct way becomes extremely important; both to ensure the safety of the home and to maintain the market value of your property.

The Do-It-Yourself Approach to Glass Repair

Depending on the severity and type of glass broken, some can be repaired without professional help. All one needs is the right materials, tools, and lots of patience. It must be noted that before undergoing a glass repair project, professional advice or consultation may be needed. Depending on use or purpose, some glass repair project should be done by a specialist.

Turn a Tool Shed Into a Charming Cottage Getaway

Everyone wants that quiet space to relax and just get away from it all at the end of the day. If all of the rooms in your home are taken up by other purposes, you may want to look beyond your back door for a charming getaway.

Plan a Project and Do It Right the First Time

When you have the idea for a project that you would like to complete, you can quickly become overwhelmed without properly planning for it. Some projects, no matter how small, can quickly become time consuming if they are not done correctly.

How to Install a Five Wire Thermostat

Not sure how to install a thermostat? Don’t want to spend big money to get a thermostat installed? No worries. This step-by-step tutorial will walk you right through the installation process!

The Key to Succeeding in Woodworking Projects – For DIY Woodwork Beginners

Accomplishing DIY projects on your own can give you a great feeling. The bigger the project, the bigger your satisfaction. But where do you start when you’re not really experienced? No worries, with good plans, creative ideas and a positive attitude, you too can start easy woodworking projects today. We’ll show you exactly how.

DIY Projects 101

It is general knowledge that people have become somewhat lazy and that we would rather call someone to do a simple task for us than try to do it ourselves. However, things are becoming very different each and every day – DIY projects are becoming increasingly popular and people are starting do understand that not everything is impossible if we only keep an open mind. Also, DIY projects give people a unique opportunity to not only save some money, but also have a great time while doing it.