How to Replace a Toilet Seat | Ask This Old House

How to Replace a Toilet Seat | Ask This Old House

Using Cable Ties – The Simplest Fastener Known To Man

Let’s face it fastenings do not get more simple than a cable tie do they? They are sold in their hundreds of thousands if not millions each day Worldwide, and this is because they are one of the most versatile fasteners ever invented to date. They are made of tough nylon, and are virtually indestructible, as they do not rust or wear out, as even if they are attached to something that moves about, such as a cable tie holding a banner down, they are very resistant to wear by chaffing.

When To Use Collated Screws

Are you a serious Do It Yourself (DIY) addict? Or are you someone who renovates old houses on a regular basis and then resells them on? Or do you make wooden garden furniture on a part time basis at home.

Shed Foundation Plans – How To Build a Shed Base The Right Way

Building a shed can appear to be quite a challenge to amateur woodworkers. Build a flat, firm and level shed foundation and the rest is more or less simple. Constructing the foundation for a shed is not that difficult for one person to do alone. However, it is good to have a second person to help you lift the timber.

Best Shed Plans – How To Pick The Right Shed Blueprints

Are you looking for the best shed plans for building that shed you’ve always wanted? Maybe you want a place to store all your gardening tools and lawn movers which have been lying in your garden for so long. You need to find some good quality shed blueprints before you can begin construction.

Firewood Shed Plans – Build A Storage Shed For Your Firewood

A fireplace is a wonderful comfort to have on wet and cold winter days. Watching the flames flicker can be a very soothing experience. Do you have a fireplace in your home? Have you not been using it because you couldn’t keep the wood dry for burning in winter? You need to get yourself some firewood shed plans and build a storage shed for your firewood.

How to Go About Landscaping Projects

Imagine an average working person in the city. He or she is always busy. Almost no more time for socialising. Not even for close friends and family. A call or two, or a quick email is the best he or she can do. But watch him or her take pains to buy and use grooming cosmetics. See? There definitely is time for it. Why? He or she wants to look good. And feel good about it, too.

Storage: Solution to Super-Saturation

Commercial storage facilities experienced a boom as a business with students seeking short-term storage for their things during term breaks, as bringing them home and back again when classes open proved to be too much of a hassle. These are self-storage facilities named so as they are self-service mini storage facilities that do not need so much maintenance because they are relatively small and situated among many others of practically the same size and type within a building or commercial complex. They are, however, secure and clean as part of the conditions of use agreed upon by both parties.

Spray Foam Insulation FAQ’s

After long hours of searching you have finally landed in the right place. At last the elusive answers to questions on insulation and spray foam are here awaiting your approval. These aren’t the usual newbie FAQ’s. These are the ‘technical’ questions only the really savvy home renovators ask. No more intense bouts of frustration where you suddenly find you’re banging your head on the keyboard. The real answers to the advanced questions are here, so say goodbye to impressions of little squares on the forehead.

DIY Jobs Which Everyone Can Do Themselves

When people think of DIY they may get nervous and go out of their way to avoid it. Paying for someone to come and do it for you can occasionally cost a crazy amount. Learning to DIY can really benefit you in the long run. You will have a great collection of DIY tools and will be able to do any job. So let us start with some of the easiest of tasks people will enjoy and find easy to do.

Carpet Cleaning – Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Carpet Looking New

Keeping your carpet looking new doesn’t have to be difficult. The following 10 tips will help with both common and uncommon problems.