Moving a Light Fixture | Ask This Old House

Moving a Light Fixture | Ask This Old House

Bring Your Backyard Shed To Life With The Perfect Plans

Backyard storage shed plans used to be a complicated affair. You’d have to plot everything out yourself, then hope that all your measurements had been correct as you purchased materials based on your homemade plans. Now, you can get a leg up on building that storage or tool shed by checking various sites online for professionally drawn plans.

Water Damaged Trim

Water-damaged trim can be caused by natural disasters, plumbing mishaps, and human error. Regardless of the cause, the trim must be replaced, repaired, or restored. Water-damaged trim can breed mold if it is not removed or treated appropriately. If the damage is on the exterior of the home, replacement of the siding may be advisable. A contractor experienced in carpentry can advise homeowners of whether to repair or replace water-damaged siding.

Choosing a Log Splitter

Choosing a log splitter or a wood splitter can be a chore. With many different types and different sizes available, how do you know exactly which is right for you? A few things to consider when shopping for a log splitter are what size and type of wood will you be splitting? How long has the wood been sitting around and waiting to be split? What are the number of knots in the wood that will have to dealt with? Thickness and type of wood are also important to think about when shopping for a wood splitter.

Installation of Replacement Windows – Vinyl Type

Replacement of the old windows in your home can be done using new vinyl windows, especially if the old ones were made of wood, because such windows get warped and rotten pretty soon. Along with its usage in the various home appliances, vinyl has also found its way among the materials used to make windows, so as to give better protection against weather. Moreover, they are cheap, easy to clean and do not need painting.

Repairing Plaster Walls

Details on repairing plaster walls, here are a few steps that can help anyone that needs help in fixing plaster walls. There is a certain technique to it and if these steps are followed through correctly a hole in a plaster wall can be patched successfully.

Home Gutter Repair Tips – Advice From The Experts

Your gutters may seem like a fairly unimportant part of your home, but they protect the building from large scale damage. Faulty gutters can leak, causing water to seep into the walls or your basement instead of draining away harmlessly. In spite of their importance however, gutters are largely under appreciated and most homeowners forget to take proper care of them, which results in widespread damage to them and by extension, your home.

Removing Chocolate Stains From Your Carpet Easily

If you have experienced a chocolate spill, do not worry. There are solutions to get it out of your beautiful carpet. As long as you know the proper approach to cleaning chocolate stains out of your carpet it won’t be nearly as impossible as you might think.

Excavator Hire for Your Home Improvement Projects

An excavator is a versatile piece of equipment that you can use to dig a trench or foundation for a new housing project, break up the tarmac in a driveway, pick up unwieldy objects at a construction site, or even demolish a concrete wall. For the average homeowner these are not tasks you are likely to do a lot and therefore you will not usually need to buy an excavator. The better option by far is to rent the excavator from a tool hire company.

How to Determine Which Attachments You Need for Excavator Hire

Excavator hire has of late become standard practice, with the average homeowner needing to rent one from time to time. But deciding what you need to have the job done calls for some specialized knowledge sometimes and this article is an attempt to give you a little of that. Excavators are versatile machines and they can be used in a variety of ways.

The Best Way to Hang Drywall in Your Basement

Choosing the right type of drywall for your basement can be difficult, especially if you consider the moisture problems that go along with basements, and, as a result, the mold problems. But don’t worry, there are a few sure fire ways of keeping the moisture away and the mold at bay. The main problem with most basements is moisture.