The Headband Game | Ask This Old House

The Headband Game | Ask This Old House

Door Hardware: Is Price the Bottom Line?

Door hardware can be inexpensive if you wish to shop around for the best price, but is price the only consideration? Or do other factors such as quality, durability and safety come first?

How To Unclogg A Drain With And Without A Snake

If the water in your kitchen or bathroom sink or from a bathtub or toilet are not draining properly, you probably have a clogged drain. In this article I will discuss several methods to drain a clogged sink including using clog snakes, which are also known as drain augers, which can be used to remove hair or other debris that may be causing the problem.

Planning Your Shed

Planning your storage shed First things first. Storage shed construction is not outside the abilities of most anyone. With the proper planning and thought this can actually be completed in one weekend,

The Top Ten Tablesaw Safety Tips That Every Woodworker Must Know

This article emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for your own safety. The 10 most important safety practices that should be followed when operating a tablesaw are clearly listed. Whether you are a professional woodworker or a beginner the information is relevant and informative.

How to Protect Natural Wood

There are many ways to protect the natural wood in your home. You can use oil treatments, surface treatments, or wax; just keep in mind the following criteria for the best treatment: durability, compatibility with texture, and whether the product is appropriate for interior or exterior application. At Shearer Painting, we make sure you get the perfect finish every time.

French Doors – How to Repair a French Door

Sometimes the French doors installed are not appropriate and cause difficulty in opening and closing. In other cases, the wood used in this type of doors expands in the winter and shrinks in the summer causing the same problem. If you are also suffering from these kinds of issues then you can fix your French doors by following these simple steps:

Door Installation Tips

When you are putting a new door in house, consider it as a modifying task. First, look what is in the style and will suit the theme of your house. For bedroom and kitchen closets, simple wooden or plastic flat doors are fine but for guests areas like lounge rooms or bedrooms the entering door must be significant and beautiful. You will find excellent variety at the door manufacturers of Los Angeles. After that, verify whether you require just hanging a new door or fitting a full modern frame with cutting and edging. Most people go with the latter one because they find it more uncomplicated than the former one.

Sliding Doors – How To Install A Sliding Door

If you are thinking of replacing your doors then sliding doors are a very good option. They are a very modern piece of art and give the house a very gentle and sophisticated look. Opening and closing a door can be quite irritating sometimes but by having sliding doors, this problem will be solved as by a single slide you will acquire what you want. They come in a variety of designs like glass, wooden, vinyl etc.

Interior Doors – How Do You Maintain and Protect a Door?

Every house owner worries about maintain and protecting the doors of his home. The exterior doors are sturdier and heavier so that they protect the inner elements of the house. The interior doors deteriorate with the passage of time because of they are less resistant and used very frequently. Now there are different ways through which you can maintain and protect your interior doors properly. Moreover, they come in a wide variety of materials that are hard and tough.

How to Handle a Rough Opening Bi-Fold Door

While constructing any home, there are various apertures made by cutting and edging for things like windows, doors, ceilings, stairways etc. The constructors should make the apertures very carefully in order to avoid the rough openings and unequal sizes or placements.