This Old House | Return to Dorchester (S42 E17) | FULL EPISODE

This Old House | Return to Dorchester (S42 E17) | FULL EPISODE

How to Safely Thaw Frozen Water Pipes

If you have ever awoke one cold winter morning to find your water or heating pipes frozen, you know it can be a real chore getting them back into service again. Heating the pipes too quickly can cause them to burst while heating the pipes too slowly does nothing at all. Here are a couple of ways you can try and resolve the problem.

Greenhouses And Garden Sheds – Should Be Practical

Garden structures need to be practical, it’s true. They should be a blessing not a curse. Put simply, make sure you don’t have make them too small or dark inside. If they’re going to be a benefit to you as a gardener they need to be large enough inside to store things easily and have plenty of walking room. That way you’ll be able to get easy access to everything you’ve got stored in them. For that reason it’s also a good idea to have extra wide doorways too.

Greenhouses – Sheds Should Be Functional

Look, there’s nothing worse than a greenhouse, garden or storage shed that isn’t functional. All the fangled gadgets in the world won’t make up for having a shed that can’t be used in the way you intended. Functional means exactly that, your shed must be able to perform its desired function; fulfil the purpose for which it was built in the first place. If it doesn’t do that then it’s pretty obvious that you got a little side-tracked along the way, probably in the design stage. That’s why you should always go for functional over cool and cute.

Greenhouses – Make Them Low-Maintenance

Gardening can be very labour intensive because of the nature of what you’re doing, namely, growing plants. There’s potting, propagating, feeding, watering not to mention spraying and weeding. Because of this you need to make sure that you’re not being tied up doing unnecessary things or having to duplicate tasks, as in do things twice or even three times. This is where low-maintenance greenhouses are very helpful because you are able to make the most of them to save you time and effort. That is possible through innovations in their design and construction.

Inspiration of a Design to Make Mosaics

There are so many things that could inspire you, anything from your environment could give you ideas to create your design to make your art through mosaic tiles. This could be a walk in the park or city, paintings, television, advertising or a story.

How to Build a Simple Playhouse

Building a simple playhouse should and can be a family fun project. Selecting the location should take into account the land slope, shade trees, ground drainage and so on. The hot summer sun can turn a kids playhouse into a sweltering hot box which is not safe. You want a flat area to place the playhouse so you do not have to spend days leveling the ground. Once everything is ready, you must decide what style of play house the kids want and how much the budget will bear.

How to Install Foundation Footing Drains

Foundation footing drains are required in most areas where ground water may be problem. Footing drains if properly installed will keep ground water from building up outside the basement walls and avoids having the water penetrate into the living area inside. We will cover both new and existing foundations.

Shed Designs – Which One Will You Choose

Once you have made the decision to build yourself a garden shed you will have to make your mind up and pick a shed design to suit your purpose. There is no end the different shapes, size and styles to choose, make sure you pick the right one.

The Pros and Cons Of DIY In Your Own Home

A lot of people seem to trying to alter their houses appearance recently because it may add value to a home. I’ve seen people try to add a new set of shelves, try to re-pipe their bathrooms and try to swap their lighting for a much more contemporary design and seen it end in tears, expenses and more tears.

How to Build a Small Storage Shed

Building a small storage shed can be done as a two weekend project with two people. A small shed may be eight feet by ten feet and eight feet high with a shed style (sloped) roof. The front wall would be eight feet high and the back wall is six feet high. The side walls are sloped. Using Texture 111 plywood provides a good sheathing material and a finished exterior face at the same time.