This Old House | Summer Special: Rebirth of Detroit (S42 E29) | FULL EPISODE

This Old House | Summer Special: Rebirth of Detroit (S42 E29) | FULL EPISODE

Saving Money Around The House

It is not hard to figure out on saving money around the house. Small changes here and there with a few large changes can add up to some tangible savings. Save some cash in the bank by fitting in these easy money saving ways.

How to Finish an Attic

Finishing an attic area to provide usable space can be a rewarding experience. Since most of the work is inside the work will not generally be effected by the weather conditions, football games on TV and so on. In most areas a minimum height requirement for a finished attic requires more than fifty percent of the room to have a ceiling higher than seven foot six inches high. This allows for sloped roofs.

Replacing Damaged Vinyl Siding

Many people who have a home with vinyl siding have encountered this problem at some point. A tree branch or baseball hits the siding or maybe the lawnmower threw a stone and cracked or damaged the vinyl siding. If you have spare siding, replacing the bad section can be done fairly easily.

How To Prepare and Install a Deadbolt

Adding extra security to your home by installing a deadbolt is an easy, inexpensive project that can be done in less than a day. Deadbolts come in several different finishes so you should be able to find one that matches or comes very close to your existing hardware finish.

How To Choose and Apply Caulk

Caulking can be a necessary evil when weatherizing around doors and windows or when replacing old caulk around a bathtub or sink. It doesn’t have to be difficult and with these simple and easy tips, it can be done without a lot of frustration.

How to Add a Window to a Garage

Adding a window to a garage is a mid-level carpentry skill level. You must first determine what type of framing is present for your garage. Two major types are conventional American framing and pole barn framing. Conventional American wall framing consists of a plate, wall studs, top plates and exterior sheathing.

How to Repair a Large Hole in a Sheetrock Wall

Repairing a large hole in your sheetrock wall is not as intimidating as one might think. Following is a quick and easy way to do the repair without a big headache.

Host The Ultimate Party This New Year At Your Home

This article is about why New Year parties are important and why such a party requires detailed planning. It also talks about some ideas for party themes that you can have.

Child Proof Your Dwelling

This article has emphasized the tips and instructions as to how baby proof your house. It also stated that toddlers are prone to various accidents and the importance to childproof your house.

Consider Wooden Storage Shed Plans

Wooden shed plans are a fabulous way to invent your ideal wooden storage shed. If you have ever considered buying a ready made shed, you will be aware that they can be high-priced and the styles are all very similar. With what you save by building it by hand you can upgrade to a more suitable or more detailed shed.