This Old House | Summer Special: Return to Paradise (S42 E30) | FULL EPISODE

This Old House | Summer Special: Return to Paradise (S42 E30) | FULL EPISODE

Bat House Plans – How to Build the Perfect Dwelling for Bats

If you are experiencing severe insect infestations in your area, building a bat house might be the solution to your problem. And with quality bat house plans, it is easily done too even if you’re no skilled woodworker.

Bat House Building Plans – Construct the Perfect Structure to Attract Bats

Bats makes the perfect insect exterminator. That is why if you’re constantly having problems with harmful insects, building a bat house might be the solution. And with top notch bat house building plans, this is a task even a novice woodworker can do.

Sliding Door Hardware: Installing Bi-Fold Sliding Doors

Installing bi-fold sliding doors into your closet is not as hard as you think. Utilizing a few simple steps is all you need to do in order to become a great DIY home owner.

Guide for Buying Lumber

You are standing on the lumberyard’s checkout counter. The cash register’s numbers spin madly like cherries in a slot machine. You wait with bated breath.

Be An Efficient Homeowner – Maintain Your Roofs When The Time Is Right

The best protection every house has against winter and cold is its roof of course. You should know that you can do maintenance checks on your roof even during the winter. While this might not be appropriate for some roofs as the maintenance could leave your house exposed, for most roofs this works.

Bathroom DIY – How to Repair a Shower

When repairing an existing shower that has a separate hot and cold valve, you may want to consider replacing these valves with a single, pressure-balancing mixing valve. There are several reasons to do so, most importantly safety and comfort.

Do It Yourself Home Renovation Made Easy – How to Quickly Install a New Toilet!

Installing a new toilet will revitalize an old looking bathroom. When installing a toilet one must take care and do everything correctly or the toilet may not function properly causing damage to the bathroom, and whole home.

Restoration Hardware For the DIY Home Improvement

There will always be some DIY Home Improvement Enthusiasts looking for a good deal that will take off some of the sting that the costs will do to the wallet and to the bank. Getting the right kind of Restoration Hardware is the solution to all your needs.

Home Projects in a Weekend

Many of us want to improve the look of our homes, but don’t want to frivolously spend money without getting at least a partial return on the investment. Here’s a list of projects that can be done in a weekend that will add more than just beauty to your home.

Reasons For Using A Polycarbonate Sheet

Suppose that you are a store owner, and that you want to have an impressive storefront. However, your store happens to be in an area of the United States where they get a lot of hurricanes. Therefore, you need to use a hurricane resistant product on the front of your business.