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All About Holly Bushes  | Ask This Old House

Air Conditioner Problems

Having air conditioner problems? This article may save you high cost service call for a simple problem you can fix yourself.

Curtains or Drapes

Curtains are light in weight, frequently seamless, and in many lengths. They are attached to varying types of rods with grommets, tabs, rod pockets, or pinch pleated. How they are installed depends on the decor appearance you are trying to attain. Curtains are also frequently called curtain panels. Draperies, on the other hand are frequently a much heavier and lined fabric. They are more frequently pinch pleated and installed on a traverse rod, which allows you to open or close them. In many instances, curtains and drapes are used together to create a more formal effect. Combinations of these treatments, valances or other top treatments create an even more formal decor. There are times when a top treatment and only curtains are used for a lighter feel. Like so many other decor decisions, your only limitations are your own imagination…

10 Uses for Duct Tape

Do you have a damaged car bumper, a ripped curtain? Perhaps you are going camping and are ticking of a list of items to take. Well in this article we will discuss and explain ten uses that duct tape can offer you! Everything from repairing a space ship for NASA to patching up furniture. This article will list ten situations where duct tape can come to the rescue!

Lawn Care Made Easy

Whether you’re a landscaping pro, or just a newbie, effective lawn care can raise the value of your home by up to ten percent. Many people have asked me through the years what they can do to keep their yard looking great. There are lots of things that can go wrong with a yard but, if the proper steps are taken, it will always come out great.

14 Home Maintenance Tips

We tend to overlook home maintenance. Between our chores everyday and responsibilities of cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, and other tasks each week, maintenance often falls by the wayside. However, maintenance work is extremely important.

DIY Hot Water Heater Repair Tips

This article has a detailed list of solutions for some of the most common hot water heater issues. These solutions are the result of our years of experience fixing hot water tanks and systems in homes and commercial buildings.

EPDM Roofing Material for Roof Leaks

EPDM coatings have become particularly effective for all kinds of needs thanks to the benefits that come with these tiles and the ways how they can be utilized. This is all for the need to make it easier for all kinds of tiles, including traditional clay or slate tiles, to be added to the top of a roof.

Construction Prerequisites to Sheds and Aviaries

Building extensions to your property requires compliance to local council regulations, even if you’re only building a shed as a spare garage. Consider prerequisites when your project involves an aviary as well.

Build an Aviary Sensitive to Your Flock’s Needs

Building an aviary comes with prerequisites different to building a tool shed. Consider your flock’s needs and make sure these are covered for in the construction.

If You’re Going to Build a Shed, Build With a Purpose

Choosing the right shed construction depends on your needs, but you have to consider the custom and default options available as well. Find a fitting match with planning and research.