How to Add Indoor Sconces | This Old House

How to Add Indoor Sconces | This Old House

Steps To Take For Stain Protection On Your Carpet

Stain protection after carpet and rug cleaning, is necessary in order to completely restore the original protective coating on the carpet fibers. This coating is usually applied by the manufactures to provide soil and stain resistance, and water repellant properties to the fabric. Such a coating however, is not permanent and will deteriorate with time, wear, and chemical reactions.

The Easiest Way to Measure for a Fireplace Grate

Making sure you have the correct measurements is a vital process when purchasing a brand-new fireplace grate. We will walk through the process to obtain the right measurements for a new fireplace grate.

Building Storage Shed in Your Backyard: A Big Do It Yourself Project That Stores Big Rewards for You

Most Americans seem to be experiencing a real lack of storage in their homes. The self-storage business is booming, and hardly anybody has even an inch of extra space in their closets and garages. If this condition is cramping your style, it may be time to build a storage shed in your backyard. An overview of the steps to take to build a backyard storage shed.

Tackle That Tiling Project Now It’s the New Year

So it’s the New Year – a time for resolutions and to make plans to tackle those glass wall tile projects you’ve been putting off for some time now. Many of us have a tendency to put off such projects, simply because we’re worried about the complexity of the job at hand. But tiling needn’t be too complex and it is a job you should be able to tack on your home, if treated carefully and with a final design in mind.

A Foolproof DIY Home Improvement

Although most of these do it yourself projects have happy endings, many languish in a half finished state for months or are never completed. Worse yet, some end up looking like, well, I don’t want to be unkind, but we’ve all seen examples of what I’m referring to.

Tips on Gardening Tools

Caring for a garden may seem tricky, especially for those just starting out. But just like starting out any new task, all beginners need is a good guide, the right resources and of course some practice. Once you get the hang of it, with a bit of determination throughout the whole process, gardening can be easy and fun as well.

Making a Man Cave: Convert Your Garage Into a Perfect Home Game Room for Years of Future Family Fun!

Most people, children and adults alike, dream of having a room in their home dedicated to fun. Most of us don’t have a room to spare though. One way to solve this problem is to convert all or part of a garage into a game room! Steps to take to convert a garage into a family game room or man cave.

A Guide for Shutting Off Utilities

Among the many household projects any one of us may choose to tackle at any given time is the ever present fact that at some point or another we’re going to need to know how to shut off or turn back on our utilities. It could be a project or an emergency but the likelihood that we’ll need to know how to do it is pretty high, so it’s good to be prepared.

Fixing Roller Window Blinds

You are aware that having roller blinds that do not function properly equals to having none at all. Dysfunctional roller blinds could prevent you from controlling the amount of light within the room, enjoying a beautiful, sunny day outside, letting some fresh air in or otherwise limit all the benefits this type of window treatment has. This is why it is very important to have a functional blind and be able to fix your roller blind whenever needed.

Making Your Own Roman Blinds

Though simply purchasing an already made blind and just attaching it may seem as a much easier way to cover up your window, it can never bring the excitement that making something all by yourself brings. Plus, engaging that crafty hands of yours may be a money saver, since buying the material needed to make your own Roman blinds and the time spent will be ultimately more cost-effective.