This Old House | Hard Work Ahead (S41 E20) FULL EPISODE

This Old House | Hard Work Ahead (S41 E20) FULL EPISODE

Build Your Own Shed Doors

Building your own shed doors can be a fun way to save money and show off your construction skills. We show you how to do it from the beginning stages through the painting stage.

Cleaning Your Gutters in Any Season

A comprehensive guide to why, when and how to clean your gutters in any weather conditions. Also, learn how to troubleshoot drainage problems and other gutter repairs.

DIY Carpet Cleaning – How to Clean Up Shoe Polish From Your Carpet

Shoe polish may be easily removed from your carpet or upholstery fabrics by following these simple carpet cleaning tips. However, if you do not want to do it yourself, you can always get a professional carpet cleaning service to do the job for you. Here is the recommended procedure for DIY carpet cleaning to remove shoe polish from your carpet.

How To Lay A New Flagstone Walkway

Laying natural stone may seem to be a daunting task for some, but it is definitely a project that can be accomplished by a person who is comfortable with DIY projects. It’s not easy, but it does require patience and some careful planning.

DIY Project – How to Remove Mold Safely on a Budget – Part 1 – List of Items You Will Need

In this article we will discuss how to perform a small scale mold removal at home safely, starting with an introduction to a basic list of items you will need and proper containment set up. In this and subsequent articles, emphasis will be placed on safety, using appropriate equipment, PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and procedure.

Install a Functional Roller Blind in a Few Easy Steps

Installing new, functional roller blinds is a choice based on your needs, aesthetic criteria and the fact that these blinds are a very functional and possibly less expensive than the other types of window treatments. Depending on the type of chosen fabric the look of your blinds may vary from simple to very sophisticated and elegant, meaning the prices may also differ.

Do It Yourself Solar Power Kit: A Good Start for Those Who Are Not Yet Pro in Solar Power

Solar Energy Kits are a great place to start for anybody who is looking to go Solar. Many people have chosen to do it yourself with at home solar power kits because all the necessary parts are in the kit, and they are easy to install.

Laying Pavers – A DIY Or A Professional Job?

Many homeowners opt to lay pavers either inside or outside their home to enhance its appearance. Have you always wanted a sandstone pathway or a granite entryway?

How to Insulate Your Basement?

When considering insulating your home, basement insulation is probably the last thing on your mind. You probably believe that it is much more important to take care of your internal walls and floors than to deal with your basement space.

Polystyrene Insulation Boards – Properties and Applications

Polystyrene insulation boards are a type of rigid insulation widely applied to all sorts of insulation like walls, floors and roofs insulation. They are not the only kind of rigid insulation, since you can also opt for so called PIR boards or phenolic boards, always depending on the area you are insulating and the very insulation method.